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Listen to what homeowner Tammy McGuire from Spring, TX had to say about the HAMP Guide.

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I was in foreclosure and had been denied by my Mortgage Company twice for the Hamp Loan. I saw an ad on the internet for The Hamp Guide for $ 97.00. I was desperate and figured it was worth a try. I ordered the guide and then called them for assistance. My representative was Bridget Toomey. She was very knowledgeable and professional. She assisted with rearranging the numbers and I resubmitted them to the Mortgage Company and was approved on the spot. They lowered the interest rate from 11% to 2% and lowered my house note from $1,201. ro $869. They also took all past due and added it to the end of the loan. This program is NOT a scam. Thank you Bridget for your assistance!

Sincerely, Tammy McGuire

“I was just sitting down to email you the amazing success I've had in using the HAMP guide and in two days after submitting my 35 pages of financials and application to GMAC, I had four calls from the Loss Mitigation department, and actually was assigned my individual negotiator. He also called and starting on the 30th my payment would be $2961, a $1327 savings each month. The offer is coming in writing and I am to sign if I agree and contact my negotiator prior to the due date to discuss any additional reduction in the monthly amount.

So much forward progress I could hardly believe it.”

Doug Roenicke
San Francisco, California

“I tried since last year to get help but everyone was so incompetent at HUD, NACA, and Citi Mortgage. Followed HAMP Guide program and got approved. Finally see light at the end. I would’ve been lost without guide.”

Joe Roman
Maplewood, MN
Thank you so much for everything you did on my behalf. Please tell Carolyn that I will be forever grateful for her insight and knowledge to give me the confidence to take on my lender. Thanks for making my life easier.

Many Thanks.

Michaela Hanley
San Diego, CA
Thank you soo much for all your help. We really appreciate all that you’ve done. I appreciate you always calming us down and telling us what to do. We are very happy with the results. We can now afford our home. Again, we really appreciate your assistance.

Wanda Johnson
Houston, TX

First of all my family and I just wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH, for saving our home. I cannot believe we were able to get 3% 30 year fix loan. We have referred many of our good friends and family going thru the same situations as we are. I am really pleased with your prompt service and attention to detail working with us. I cannot express how happy and very satisfied we are with your program.


Lina Sihackack
Lawrenceville, GA

I was late 3 months and I was getting scared. I didn't really know how this process worked but I did all the paperwork and gave my lender everything. My payment went from almost $4500 to $3000. So relieved I can't even tell you.

Little Rock, AR
I was not late on my mortgage and I still got it modified and saved $1100 a month on my payment. I got a rate of 2.8% from my lender. I didn't think this was possible. Thank you for your help.

Sergio Aquila
Riverside, CA
Thank you thank you thank you. You have no idea the stress you have saved me. I cannot believe my rate is 3% now. I am forever grateful.

Judy Roberts
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

My real life experience with the Loan Modification Foundation was actually surreal. I first called the Loan Modification Foundation several months ago because I was caught in two high-interest mortgages, the larger of which was adjustable and about to reset. Bridget was very patient and spent well over an hour explaining what her company could do, but I was stubborn and skeptical that they could conduct any work beyond what I might be able to on my own. After several months and several hours of getting nowhere on the phone with the companies that were managing my loan, I was ready to give up. I was told by the loan management companies at both Aurora (1st loan) and Citi (2nd loan) that I would not be considered for a loan modification unless I was three months behind on my mortgages, and told that even if I got behind on payments, I likely wouldn’t qualify for any of the current loan mod plans. Desperate and not wanting to destroy my credit for an outcome that was uncertain, I called Bridget back. She again spent over an hour with me, reassuring me that her company would do everything they could to get both my loans modified, and would not ask for payment unless they were successful. She walked me through the application process very quickly. Within a few months, she called me with a modification offer on my big loan with Aurora which was half the amount I was currently paying. Less than a month later, she called me again with an offer of a modification for my small loan which was modified to less than fourteen percent of my current payment (from $784 to $103) with a 2% fixed interest rate. On top of that, my principle on the second was reduced by sixty-three percent! The balance on my loan was $93,000 and Citi agreed to waive $59,000 of the principal so my new loan amount on the 2nd was $33,000. Importantly, Bridget encouraged me to stay current on my loans throughout the mod process and I did, preserving my credit. Although Bridget reminded me that there are no guarantees in the loan modification business, she provided me with updates every single week which reassured me that her company was doing its best to represent me to the best of its ability. On top of that, she was always available to talk to and patiently and honestly answered questions throughout what could have otherwise been an extremely anxiety-provoking process. She continues to be available to me even though her company has already been paid in full for its excellent work. Thank you to the Loan Modification Foundation for giving me new hope in my home ownership…as you know I have already referred you to several friends who are in similar situations. You are the best and I truly feel like an extended member of your family!

Kevin W.

I cannot begin to say how much I appreciate all The Loan Modification Foundation did for my family. I was informed every step of the way. My modification with Bank of America (formerly Countrywide) took about 4 months give or take. I went from 6.75% to 3.25% fixed for the entire remaining term of my mortgage, all delinquent payments deferred and my new payment starting October 15th, 2009. I was getting emails and phone calls every week and anytime I contacted them they would get back to me almost immediately which is unheard of. The communication was terrific. They kept me in the loop and when the modification was approved I was notified immediately as they handled everything for me, and the best of all there is no upfront fee at all so you only pay The Loan Modification Foundation services when your modification has been approved.

Fernando Martins

So thankful for everything they did on my behalf. I will be forever grateful to Carolyn. Thank you for making my life easier!!

Malakiak H.

My family has been so satisfy with the service we have referred our good family freind to the company. We have 8.4 rate and we get 3 percent for 30 years.

Thanks again,
Xaya Sihachack (very satisfied customer)

Very happy with my mod. Rate went from around 7.6 to 3 and payment went from about $3600 with no escrow to $2100 including the taxes and insurance. EMC was lender and was in foreclosure. Saved my house.

Gabriel C.




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