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What exactly is the HAMP Guide Program?
The HAMP Guide Program is the only comprehensive guide available for homeowners to modify their loan under President Obamaís Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). The guide comes with all of the forms you need. It also includes unlimited phone support.

As soon as you purchase the HAMP Guide, you will be able to download it to your computer and access it right away. When you purchase the program, you will be able to immediately download the following:

Guide to give you all of the information you need on how to fill out your modification application and how to talk to your bank or mortgage lender

Checklist of everything you need to include with your application

All of the modification forms needed for your application, including financial worksheet and pre-written template of the hardship letter

Mortgage Payment Calculator in excel so you can quickly determine a payment you can afford

Financial worksheet in excel that automatically calculates your ratios when you input your income and expenses

Sample profit and loss statement for self-employed borrowers

Foreclosure laws for all 50 states

Detailed guidelines of the government's modification programs

How is it different from other Loan Modification Guides?
Most do it yourself guides tell you that you can get everything done on your own but they never truly show you how. Weíve done our research over the last few years so we are familiar with every guide on the market. When you purchase someone elseís guide (or get it free), after one or two pages, the author will tell you that you will need the advice of a professional for this section or that you should consult with a lawyer. Then you look to see who wrote the guide and itís written by a lawyer or someone specializing in modifications. So who do you contact? You contact the author or their company since there information is right in front of you. Basically, the other do-it-yourself guides were written as a way to generate leads after homeowners were told they could not do it themselves.

After hearing the frustration of homeowners on a daily basis and dealing with people who paid as much as $4000 to another company, we said enough is enough. Homeowners need to be able to trust that somebody can actually help them. We are not going to spend our time convincing you to trust us. We will show you why you can trust us. We created the HAMP Guide as a way to give you literally everything that you will need to get your loan modified. Ultimately what sets us apart is the unlimited phone support available to you. We donít sell the guide and leave you on your own to get it done. We are available to answer your questions and give you insight on what lenders look for when they decide approve a borrowers application. So far, the results speak for themselves. On the better business bureau website, we are the only accredited loan modification company (Loan Modification Foundation) to have no complaints with only positive reviews.

What if I need help understanding any of the chapters in the HAMP Guide?

The chapters should be very easy to follow. It was written so that any homeowner could understand exactly what they need to do to get their loan modified. If you are stuck or you have a question, the guide comes with unlimited phone support.

Do I have to pay anything extra for the phone support?
No, the unlimited phone support is included with the guide. You can call us as much you need to. You can even fax us your completed forms, including the financial worksheet and hardship letter, and we will review before you submit to your lender to make sure you input all of your information correctly.

Can you please tell me everything that is included with my HAMP Guide Program purchase?
The program comes with a guide that covers the ten steps you need to follow to get approved. There are also special sections on completing the hardship letter, how to fill in the financial worksheet, and how to negotiate the best terms for your loan. The guide also covers the most commonly asked questions and detailed examples on how you need to fill out your application.

We also provide the template for the hardship letter so it should take you about five minutes to complete. On top of all that, we provide unlimited phone support. You shouldnít need our help because we give you all of the info you need in the guide. However, we know that everyone wants to make sure they complete their application correctly. After all, you are trying to keep your home and there not too many things more important than that. Your home is a precious investment and we understand how important it is for you to get your home modified successfully.

The Government says help is free and the guidelines seem simple, why do I need a guide?
There are a lot of free resources available to you. The government, lenders, and media all tell you that the governmentís guidelines are available online and you can call your local agency for free support. The problem is that there is more to getting modified than just doing the math and seeing that your mortgage payment is more than 31% of your gross income. If it was that easy, there would be no need for you to get additional assistance, free or otherwise. Unfortunately, itís not that simple. There is a method to getting your application approved.

The problem with the free services available to you is that these government agencies are typically employed by minimum wage employees who have no real experience dealing with lenders. A lot of these agencies employ volunteers as well because they are overwhelmed with the number of people who need assistance. They will take your information and input it into a computer that gives them feedback on how they should proceed. This just doesnít work when it comes to dealing with lenders that try to intimidate you. Although their intention is good, these agencies do not have the experience or knowledge to give you the insight on what you need to do to successfully get modified.

Will the HAMP Guide Program help me avoid foreclosure?
If you are having troubling making your mortgage payments and you feel like your situation is hopeless, we will work with you to make it right. For example, if your income has been reduced or a family member is dealing with medical issues, donít give up hope when it feels like all is lost. One day at a time, one step at a time, we will walk side by side with you to improve your situation. One of the most important aspects is getting your lender to listen to you. If you know you could keep your home if you just received some relief from your lender, then you should be a strong candidate to get your loan modified.

Will the HAMP Guide Program be useful for me even if my lender has already served me notice of foreclosure?
Yes, it can definitely help you. If you have a sale date already set on your house, we will show you how to get it postponed. Even if your sale date is two weeks away, you still can save your home.

Do I need to be behind on my mortgage to follow the HAMP Guide Program?
No, under the HAMP plan, you can be current or delinquent on your payments. You have to show the need for a modification. You have to be experiencing a hardship in your personal or professional situation that leaves you struggling to make your payments. In the guide, we cover exactly what constitutes a hardship and how to convey this information to your lender. Rule number one: Your decreasing value or adjustable mortgage is not a hardship. This is a huge factor that leads to many rejected applications. Again, we cover this in detail in the guide.

Can I really modify my loan on my own?
Yes, you can definitely modify on your own. When you call companies to get assistance, they will try to scare you into thinking there is some magic formula to get modified. However, you have to always keep in mind that the person that is taking your call with these companies is a salesperson. They have personally never modified your loan. They cannot make any guarantees because they have no idea what your lender will do. Keep in mind that these companies are charging thousands up front so they have to make everything sound too good to be true. When you are struggling financially, would you give someone $2000 if you didnít absolutely love what you are hearing? No, and thatís why they make these promises because you sign a contract that protects them from you trying to go after them when your application is denied or the company goes out of business.

That being said, there is a science to getting your loan approved for modification. Most people do the math and think that if their mortgage payment is over 31% of their gross income then they should qualify for a modification. It doesnít work that way. You have to know what you are doing when you put the paperwork together. I promise you that we cover this in the guide down to the very last detail that you need to know. If you have questions, you will call us. If you want to fax your completed forms to us before you fax to your lender, we will review them and make any necessary corrections with you on the phone. We will make sure that everything is done correctly from the start.

Is there a disadvantage to modifying on my own?
No, that is not the case at all. Thatís just a misconception out there so you believe you have to paying someone upfront to help you get your loan modified. In fact, there is actually an advantage to modifying with your lender on your own. Since the HAMP plan came out, lenders are more likely to prioritize homeownerís applications over outside companies. Lenders are just as tired as you of dealing with shady companies that are trying to beat the system instead of trying to help someone that really needs it. Lenders donít know who to trust either so they would prefer to deal directly with their customers. However, that is why this guide is so helpful. You will be able to approach your lender with the knowledge on what you need to get your modification done so that you donít second guess yourself or wonder whether you should have paid a company to do it for you. We have done tons of modification and we share with you everything you need to do. If you still have questions, you can call us. I promise you our sole motivation is getting as many struggling borrowers approved for a modification. It is such a rewarding feeling when homeowners we have helped call or email us to tell us their lender approved their modification application.

What is the difference between the HAMP Guide and paying a company to do it for me?
First, the guide is a lot less expensive! In all seriousness, whether you modify on your own or you pay someone to do it for you, you still have to gather your income and asset paperwork (tax returns, paystubs, bank statements, etc). You still have to complete the financial worksheet and you have to write down your hardship. Then you will give all of this information to a company and they will send to your lender. This is 80% of the modification process!

If you have to get the paperwork together and organize it anyway, then it makes perfect sense to consider tackling your modification on your own. We understand that the process scares you because itís not your area of expertise. Thatís precisely why we provide unlimited phone support and encourage you to fax your forms to us to review before you send to your lender. If you submit your application correctly to your lender from the start, that is probably the most important step to getting approved. We advise you on what to do and what to say before and during the modification process so you do everything right. We have worked with countless homeowners and we have had more success than any modification company currently in business. If you donít believe us, you can check out the better business bureau website and see that we are one of the only accredited modification companies and we are the only modification company to have only positive reviews.

I donít have good negotiation skills hence I am afraid of talking to my lender. Can the HAMP Guide Program teach me the tricks of negotiating with my mortgage lender?
Yes, we cover a whole section on how to negotiate with your lender. Again, it is not that difficult once we tell you how. The key is that you follow the steps in the guide from the beginning so that by the time you are with a negotiator, you will get the payment you want. There are some tips you have to follow in the guide that will force your lender to listen to you. Itís like when you were in school and you had to study for a test. If you studied, you were confident that you would do well. This is no different.

What if after purchase I feel the HAMP Guide Program is not right for me?

If you purchase the guide and decide that itís just not something you can do, itís not a problem. We offer a 60 day 100% unconditional money back guarantee.

It sounds too good to be true. Whatís the catch?

We hear that all of the time. The truth is that there is no catch. We will give you everything you need and share everything we know to get this done with you. We are the most successful modification company and we have never had one complaint. I know itís only natural to be skeptical, especially when there is so much bad press on the modification industry. While places like California or Florida are used to soaring costs, the price of the guide is only $47 because we wanted to make it affordable for everyone. There are many struggling homeowners in the U.S. who pay less than $1000 or even less than $500 per month for their home. Nothing is worse than needing help and not having the best resources available to you to get assistance. We truly want to make the guide accessible and affordable for everyone.

Can I speak to someone before placing the order online?

Yes, of course. If you have questions before you decide to order, you can always call us. If we could offer any advice, please call us, especially before you decide to pay a company any upfront fees to do the modification for you. You worked hard for your money and in this economy so you need to make sure you take great care in how you spend your money. Donít let a salesperson paint a picture that is absolutely too good to be true that you give them the digits to your credit card. The only guarantee is that you will regret it.




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ďI was just sitting down to email you the amazing success I've had in using the HAMP guide and in two days after submitting my 35 pages of financials and application to GMAC, I had four calls from the Loss Mitigation department, and actually was assigned my individual negotiator. He also called and starting on the 30th my payment would be $2961, a $1327 savings each month. The offer is coming in writing and I am to sign if I agree and contact my negotiator prior to the due date to discuss any additional reduction in the monthly amount.

So much forward progress I could hardly believe it.Ē

Doug Roenicke
San Francisco, California




































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