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Welcome to The HAMP Guide Affiliate Program

The HAMP Guide offers one of the most rewarding affiliate programs in the Loan Modification industry. In fact it is one of the most rewarding programs available on the internet today.

All affiliates get 55% commissions of all sales generated by them. This is the highest commission payout in this fast growing industry.

Not only can you make a living by selling our program, you will be helping millions of homeowners across America who are struggling with their mortgages and fighting hard to save their homes from foreclosure.

Signing up takes only couple of minutes and we will provide you with comprehensive support to make sure you are successful in your venture. We know that our success will depend highly on your success and hence we shall do everything possible for you to create an excellent income for yourself.

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Affiliate FAQs 

What exactly is The HAMP Guide Program?
The HAMP Guide Program is the only comprehensive guide available for homeowners to modify their loans under President Obama’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).

How is The HAMP Guide Program any different from other loan modification guides available on the net?
Unlike other guides, The HAMP Guide Program contains not just a simple document, but everything you will need to apply for a loan modification. From all documents required to financial worksheets, hardship letter templates etc. It is written by Attorneys, industry experts and loan modification consultants who have helped thousands of homeowners modify their loan under the Obama Plan. The guide lists exactly how to modify your loan and also talks about the problems most homeowners face while applying for loan modifications.

Apart from this, The HAMP Guide Program offers UNLIMITED Phone Support which is an industry first and will be there for the homeowners throughout the loan modification process. Except for The HAMP Guide program, homeowners will not need anything else to get their loans modified.

How much can I earn via The HAMP Guide Affiliate Program?
We pay 55% of all sales made by you. In fact with just 2 sales a day, you can make more than $50 every day!

Is there any limit to how much I can earn in a month?
There is no limit whatsoever. Make as many sales as you can and you can actually make your primary living by just selling our program.

Are there any bonuses for power affiliates with exceptional sales?
Yes of course, we are serious about our affiliate program and offer various bonuses to exceptional affiliates. To know more about our bonuses, you need to
sign up
first as an affiliate and contact us after you have made your first sale.

When and how do I get paid?
All affiliates are paid by our affiliate management system - Clickbank - To know more about payment details, please click here.

Are international affiliates allowed to sign up?
Yes, we welcome affiliates from all over the world. Just keep in mind though that The HAMP Guide Program is available only to people living in the USA. You just need to make sure you market to US residents.

Do I need a website to sign up as an affiliate?
No, you do not need a website. You can use your blog, PPC advertising, double opt-in newsletter marketing, forum posts or any white-hat marketing method.

Am I allowed to email my affiliate URL to my subscribers?
If your email list is a 100% double opt-in list, then you can definitely email your affiliate URL to your subscribers. Please make sure though that you do not spam under any conditions. We have zero tolerance for spam and your account will be suspended if we find that you have emailed users who have not subscribed to your list.

If someone I refer to The HAMP Guide Program buys the guide after a month, will I still get credit?
Yes, you will still get full credit. In fact our cookies are active on a visitor’s browser for a full 90 days. Hence you will get credit for sales even if the person you refer comes back and purchases at a later date, within 90 days.

What affiliate tracking system do you use?
We use Clickbank which is one of the market leaders in providing affiliate management systems. It is a well respected affiliate management software amongst the affiliate community and accurately tracks every referrer.

What kind of support do you provide to your affiliates?
For starters, we can design customized banners for your website or blog. We can also make suggestions on PPC ad writing; provide you with keyword research documents and a whole lot more. Just
sign up
as an affiliate and we will send full information on how you can contact us for any kind of support.

Is there anyone I can contact if I need any help?
Yes, you can contact our affiliate manager if you need any kind of help. Please
sign up
as an affiliate to get full information on our support system.

Do I need to purchase The HAMP Guide before I become an affiliate?
No, you do not need to purchase The HAMP Guide Program to become an affiliate. Of course you are free to purchase the program if you wish to learn more about the product before marketing it.

What is your policy on PPC Advertising?
You can advertise your affiliate URL via any PPC search engine but you need to take care of the following:-

- You cannot make any false claims in your advertisements.

- You are not allowed to bid on the keywords “hamp guide” and “hamp guide program”.

What is your policy on Email Advertising?
As mentioned earlier, you are allowed to email your affiliate URL only to 100% double opt-in mailing lists. You have to make sure you do not spam under any conditions. Anyone caught spamming will be banned from our affiliate program and we may withhold any pending payments for previous sales.

I have many more questions, is there anyone I can contact to get more information?
Please feel free to email us your queries to

Or you can simply sign up as an affiliate and our affiliate manager will contact you to help you with any of your queries.

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