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  • The HAMP Guide is the only comprehensive guide on the market that gives you everything you need to modify your loan*

  • As soon as you purchase the guide, you will be able to download it to your computer in Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF) right away.


What is The HAMP Guide Program

The HAMP Guide Program is the only comprehensive loan modification guide available that literally gives you everything you need to modify your loan and shows you exactly how to do it. The best part is that you donít have to do it on your own. We provide unlimited phone support to make sure you follow all of the steps correctly to put you in position to not only get approval from your lender, but to get the best option available to you. We canít guarantee we will get you a 2% interest rate, but we can put you in position to get the best interest rate and finally escape out from under this debt that is making your life miserable.

The program includes:


The 10-step formula that breaks everything down so you have the confidence and knowledge as you negotiate the lowest payment and interest rate with your lender.


You receive a guide that contains all of the forms you need and how to complete them:

  • Hardship Letter

  • Financial Worksheet

  • Contact Forms

  • Lender Checklists

  • Financial Worksheet in Excel so you have access to calculate the same numbers as your lender so you donít let them get the upper hand.

  • Mortgage Calculator in Excel to figure out the exact payment you can afford.

  • Foreclosure guidelines and timelines for every state.


You have questions, we have answers. You have access to unlimited phone support to consultants and negotiators to help you every step of the way.


You are invited to participate in live webinars hosted by Attorneys and Industry Experts to give you inside tips and strategize while answering your questions.


Every month you will receive a report on the experience of homeowners just like you trying to modify their loan. This will aid your cause as you try to get the best terms on your modification.

* Please note, the HAMP Guide is intended for purchase and use by U.S based customers only.

What Sets Us Apart

We are the only accredited loan modification company (Loan Modification Foundation) with the Better Business Bureau ( that has no complaints and we are also the only company with only positive reviews. There are countless shady modification companies trying to take advantage of homeowners and we are doing our best to put a stop to these practices.

In the guide we include everything we know and use to get homeowners modified. Every technique, insight, and experience is included in this guide. If you called another modification company today, they would tell you everything you want to hear just to collect your $3000 upfront fee. As a homeowner myself, I canít understand how people would pay this money when everyone is telling you not to. Itís not like your dying to give your money away when you are struggling to keep a roof over your head. Yet, homeowners continue to do this. Then these same homeowners get upset when everything they were warned about becomes reality and they end up losing $3000 with no chance for a refund since the contract they signed protects the company running the scam. The majority of people who purchase the HAMP Guide Program were burned by one of these companies and then decided to take control of their situation and they knew they couldn't afford these ridiculous upfront fees.

Why not try the HAMP Guide Program first and then if it just seems too overwhelming (it wonít), you can pay a company to do it for you. People think if the guide is $47 with phone support it must be too good to be true or a scam. Before these shady loan modification companies came along, $47 would have been considered a lot of money. Now this seems like such a bargain compared to what others are charging that people are skeptical. Doesnít this seem a little backward to you? Who decided that a loan modification should be $3,000? These companies just know you were used to paying this in closing costs when you refinanced or purchased your home. It became easy to convince you to pay thousands in upfront fees even though you don't really understand what these companies are actually doing for you. The guarantee and promise we will make to you is that we stand by everything we are making available to you. We will guide you, just like we have so many others, and show you exactly what you need to do. Besides, if you are not satisfied, we still offer a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose. Once you see the formula and understand a few key pieces to getting approved, it will feel like you cracked the loan modification code.


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ďI was just sitting down to email you the amazing success I've had in using the HAMP guide and in two days after submitting my 35 pages of financials and application to GMAC, I had four calls from the Loss Mitigation department, and actually was assigned my individual negotiator. He also called and starting on the 30th my payment would be $2961, a $1327 savings each month. The offer is coming in writing and I am to sign if I agree and contact my negotiator prior to the due date to discuss any additional reduction in the monthly amount.

So much forward progress I could hardly believe it.Ē

Doug Roenicke
San Francisco, California









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The HAMP Guide Program
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